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My Story



I grew up in Eastern Kenya, a country known for its beauty in terms of climate, wildlife and of great herbal plants; not to mention Aloe Vera. As a child, I grew up with deep appreciation of the Aloe Vera Plant for its natural remedies for minor illnesses. My mom used the plant's juice to treat all kinds of ailments.

My father, as a farmer, also used this miracle plant on his livestock for the same reason. This brings me memories I had never thought I would be sharing, and yet I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the power of Aloe with the whole world.

My husband I have been in Forever Living since 2010 and we like opportunity and the flexibility it offers and it does not cost anything to join. Aloe vera has a lot of other  benefits besides being a cure.

At first, we just wanted it for our personal use: for health benefits but then we discovered an opportunity to generate passive income. We are now independent distributors of FLP. The products are natural and excellent. It has been an amazing Journey.

 This is a rare opportunity that is hard to pass up if you have always dreamed of running your own business from home. You can choose to build an International business since FLP is now a global affair (FLP 360).

Forever has helped millions of people from around the world achieve dreams they never imagined possible.

We continue to share this amazing Journey  with others while enjoying the uncapped potential it offers. we have  achieved financial independence and better health through this opportunity. If you are serious about your health and taking control of your financial future, then I strongly recommend Forever Living Products as a perfect opportunity for you!